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Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona
Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona

About Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona

Corona’s Number 1 trusted auto detailing Expert


Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona


The History of Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona

Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona has been serving the Inland Empire and surrounding areas since 2009. We have dedicated our business to providing top notch auto, boat and RV detailing services. We are a full service solution and have customers from all walks of life. We have customers ranging from every day businessmen and families to exotic and the car collector communities. We treat each customer car the same way regardless of the make and model and that’s with the utmost respect and care. Our always high standards and mastery of our art form has made us one of the most sought after detail companies in Southern California. Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona passion for cars can be seen in every impeccable finish to every car we provide.  From daily drivers to legendary classic cars our workmanship and attention to detail will highlight the beauty of your car. We understand you want to feel safe with your investment which is why we can supply you with a long list of happy customers available for you to reach out and contact if you feel so inclined. You can trust Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona to treat your car is if it were our own. Whether your car just had a brand new mirror black paint job or perhaps is a classic car with single stage paint, we are up to the challenge and come equipped with all the necessary tools and products to get the job done right the first time. We will travel to anywhere in Southern California to provide you with our stellar mobile auto detailing services.

Commitment To Customer Service – Mobile Detailing Corona


We have become Southern California’s choice for affordable and honest mobile detail services for many reasons. We attribute our growth mainly because of our constant commitment to making the customers happy. We routinely go well beyond the call of duty here at Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona. We feel that nothing speaks louder than actions and first impressions can’t be redux. You will be hard pressed to find a Mobile Detailing Corona service that equals us in the realm of speed, efficiency and customer care. We do all this well doing our part for the environment. Everyone who works for Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona has gone through rigorous training and is always continuing their education as industry standards are always changing. We are always serving you on time all the time. We offer flexible scheduling to all of our clients and can work whenever you need us wherever you need us. Mobile auto detailing is an art form that requires patience, time, hard work and a great deal of talent. Don’t leave you second biggest investment to just any one. Leave it with someone you can trust leave it with Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona.

 Mobile Detailing Corona

Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona VS Area Car Washes


Many folks think that going to one of those stationary car washes or driving through at the gas station is enough to keep your car clean. Those large automatic car washes can wreak havoc on your paint. Those large “brushes” in many cases will scratch your vehicle and damage the clear coat. We have found that many car washes who claim to detail your car with “hand washes” are nothing more than charging a large premium for a elaborate car wash and a watered down waxing. Because of the state of the economy it seems that anyone with a bucket and pressure washer is now a auto detailer. Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona has been in the industry for a long time and will continue to do so. We are true Mobile detailing Corona experts who love the art of auto detailing. You wouldn’t trust a unqualified person to cut your hair or perform surgery on you. Why would you let an unqualified person detail your car. There are many dangers in letting unqualified persons detail your car. Saving 50 to 100$ today can end up costing your thousands later if they damage your clear coat. Call the Inland Empires Trusted auto detailer Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona and get a free estimate.


One Last Word About Black Diamond Mobile Detailing

here at Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona we only use premium grade supplies and products to detail your vehicle. We use brand new microfiber towels on each and every car. The Microfiber towels that we use minimize scratches and do a great job of pulling the luster out of your paint. We are truly different than other Mobile detailing Corona services because we care. We take a great deal of care and time to double check every step of our detailing program. We also take great pride in out commitment to customer service. When using Black Diamond Mobile Detailing Corona expect to be treated like a VIP every time. All of our detailing packages and plans are tailored towards your budget and and cars needs and requirements if you have an special requests be sure to lets us know before we get started.