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Mobile Auto Detailing Corona

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Our Detailing Services

We offer a complete line of mobile detailing services. We are also proud to offer our services to both residential and commercial customers.  Our services include interior auto detailing, exterior auto detailing and VIP auto detailing. Our full stocked mobile detailing vehicles and expert detailing staff have been producing amazing results since 2009. If your car is your pride and joy don’t leave in the hands of amateurs leave it with Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona and have your car in show room condition all year long. Why settle for less when you have the best mobile auto detailing Corona company available to you. The team at Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona is comprised of certified dealers who take a great amount of pride in giving your car the love and attention it needs. We are committed to our craft and because of this we use only the highest quality waxes and sealers, polishes and shampoos.  We are also committed to helping the environment and protecting the oceans. As part of our dedication to green cleaning, all of our products are environmentally friendly and safe for pets children and dogs. None of our interior cleaning products will leave residue or odd chemical smells. Our dedication to green cleaning has helped us find ways to produce clean and beautiful show room quality cars while using the minimum amount of water required. Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona keeping both the earth and your car clean.



We Proudly Offer The Following Mobile Auto Detailing Corona Services



Headlight Restoration Corona

While driving at night have you noticed that your cars lights aren’t as bright as they use to be? Perhaps you have noticed that your headlights look more yellow than anything. This is the effect of oxidation on your headlights surface. This is caused by pollution and other environmental effects. If you notice your cars lenses have a dull white or yellow haze to them let us fix it for you. You can save a few hundred dollars restoring your headlights as oppose to replacing them. Not only are faded headlights unsightly they can also be dangerous. Discolored headlights are unsafe because it hampers visibility while driving at night. Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona can restore your headlights back to original condition in just one trip. Next time you have us detail your care ask about our headlight restoration services Corona and have your lights shining bright again. As a side note chances are if your car’s headlights are faded from oxidation then most likely your paint is beginning to suffer from oxidation to. Ask us about how to deoxidize your paint as well with our new de-oxidation  process.


headlight Restoration Corona Ca




Clay Bar Treatment Corona

Regular washing and waxing is great however that isn’t enough. Washing and waxing will not remove the tiny particles that get deeply embedded in your cars finish. Clay baring is a service that many detailers choose to overlook. Here at Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona we believe that you should have your vehicle clayed before every sealant or wax application. Your cars paint will begin to accumulate tiny particles from brake dust, hard rain, acid rain and many other environmental contaminates. Although it is quite hard to see with the naked eye these tiny particles they are there and eating away slowly at your paint. If you don’t have your vehicle clayed you can be sure you will be suffering from a rust outbreak later. Not to mention if these particles are left to sit they will cause permanent scratches and swirls  during the sealing and waxing process. Ask your expert at Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona how a clay bar treatment will save you money.



Clay bar corona ca

Clay Baring can improve paint condition


Interior Auto Detailing Corona


Cleaning the interior of your care is equally important as cleaning the exterior. Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona takes a great deal of pride on our interior cleaning skills. Every time you exit or enter your car dirt and other grime is entering your car. Unless you are detailing your car at least twice a month you will be fighting a losing battle against build up of food crumbs, makeup, dust, hair and dirt. Our expert interior auto detailers will keep your car in a pristine and clean condition. Our long line of premium green cleaning products will keep your cars leather or felt refreshed and clean for as long as we clean it. Your car will have that new car smell as soon as we finish cleaning the interior. We will steam clean the mats, vacuum the entire interior including pockets and all of the nooks and cranny’s of the trunk and seats. We will also purge your car of any bad smells and clean the ac vents and the roof of your car. Every inch of your interior will be cleaned by our expert staff, including shampooing of the interiors carpets and seats. We use only the finest micro fiber towels to wipe down the interior when we are done. All leather and vinyl will be treated with our green friendly cleaning products as well. Don’t wait call Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona today and get your car shining.

Exterior Auto Detailing Corona

Our exterior auto detailing services include several different types waxing, washing, buffing and polishing. During our exterior wash all bug matter will be removed from fenders and headlights. The running boards and lower panels are washed and cleaned to remove any deposits of minerals. The entire exterior of the car is hand washed with our own line of custom sponges and soft brushes and mitts. We then will gentle remove all of the vehicles finer build ups of dust and particles with a clay bar. After the entire vehicle has been barred and washed we then move onto the detail. Your vehicle will then be treated with whatever level of polish, wax and sealer that you have selected. Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona looks forward to being your one stop shop for all things detail. Give us a call today (951)283-9337 or (951)224.5965. Book with us here.



mobile auto detailing corona ca


Black Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing Corona

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