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Mobile Boat Detailing Corona

Mobile Boat Detailing Corona

Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona

Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona

Black Diamond Detailing – Your Boat Detailing Corona Experts


Boats like cars need to have their exterior and interiors kept clean but many people seem to over look the importance of it. Your boat has a protective gel coat to keep the paint looking new. Your gel coat though will begin to wear down over time because of the elements that it is subjected to. Nothing is more abrasive to gel coats and paint than salt water. If you are taking your boat out on the open ocean you will need to have extra care for your boat. The experts at Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona know how to keep your vessel in tip top shape. We can service both the interior and exterior of your boat. We suggest that you have your boat detailed after every 1-2 trips on the open sea. We also offer our services dock side. We work regularly out of the marina in long beach and the harbor in Dana Point. So whether you need your boat washed or perhaps a more customized detail you can rely on Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona to treat your vessel with care. Don’t find out the hard way that neglecting your boat can be very costly. Boat painting and boat restorations can run you anywhere in the thousands. Let Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona and our staff of boat cleaning and detailing experts preserve your boats value. Their will come a time when you need to sell your boat or trade it in make sure you are getting your the value your deserve.  We promise and guarantee that we use only the highest quality boat detailing equipment and chemicals. We also strive to keep the ocean clean which is why we only use green chemicals that are safe for both you and the environment. From pontoon boats to fishing boats and jet ski’s we have done it all. We give great discounts to those who trust us with their yachts. You will not find a better price for complete yacht detailing

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Our Services Include :


Exterior Wash and Shine – Mobile Boat Detailing Corona

We use a non abrasive combination of chemicals to wash off the top layer of  algae, dirt and water spots to start. All of the chemicals and cleaning solutions we use will never strip your boat of wax, paint or gel coat. We methodically wash rinse and scrub every inch of your boats exterior from hull to aft and port-side we got you covered. Our high pressured wash with our bio degradable soaps will remove minor lime, calcium and other stains from your boats exterior. We can detail your boat whether it’s in the water or on the trailer. Either way the exterior of your boat will look fabulous from just our exterior washing



Sealant and Wax Application – Mobile Boat Detailing Corona

No matter if your boat is painted or has a gel coat it’s going to need some form of exterior protection. If you have not had your boats gel coat resealed within the past few years now is the time. The longer you go in between sealants the more porous the your boats exterior will become. Once this has happened the elements will wreak havoc on your boats paint and rust will start to occur. Once we apply our sealant your boats surface will absorb our unique blend of marine sealant and create a UV barrier. This will create a high shine and a smoother surface keeping the elements out. Once we have properly sealed your boat , Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona will then apply a final coat of our marine wax which gives your boat that glossy shine finish that looks great. If you choose to forgo regular sealant your gel coat will eventually evaporate and leave a chalky residue that makes your boats fiberglass look dull and old.



Compounding – Mobile Boat Detailing Corona


Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona advises that you have your boat compounded at least once per year. Compounding is the process that removes oxidation from your boats fiberglass. Once the oxidation has been removed from your boat the benefits of your waxing and sealing can truly shine. Compounding your boat with our rubbing compounds can make your tired old boat look new again. If your boat as a serious look of sun fade then you need to have Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona compound your boat today. One of our boat detailing experts will able to apply the correct compound to restore your boat back to its showroom gloss. The compounds that we use are very effective but will not effect the surface or weaken it in anyway. This process can easily remove 15 years of sun damage from your boat.


Interior Cleaning – Mobile Boat Detailing Corona


Our interior boat detailing services include upholstery cleaning and removal of any mildew or smells. We will shampoo all carpet and recondition the leather or vinyl. We will first treat your upholstery  with our own custom line of chemicals. Once we have resurrected your vinyl and leather we will then use our conditioner on it to ensure that it keeps its new luster for many voyages. Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona will clean every inch of your boats interior is kept in excellent condition. We will make sure that your entire below deck area is ready for its next party or overnight fishing voyage. We will also destroy all of the odors associated with boating. We are not satisfied until your boat is returned to the condition it was when your first fell in love with it on the showroom floor. Your boat is one of the largest investments you will make in your life. Don’t leave the cleaning and maintenance up to amateurs. Give the staff at Black Diamond Mobile Boat Detailing Corona one shot at detailing your boat and we are sure you wont be using anyone else for a very long time.




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