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Mobile RV Detailing Corona

Mobile RV Detailing Corona

Black Diamond Mobile RV Detailing Corona

Don’t Trust Your RV to Just Anyone.


Black Diamond Mobile RV Detailing Corona

RV Detailing Corona by Black Diamond


Black Diamond Mobile RV Detailing Corona offers a higher class service for customers with those big machines on the road. Many auto detailers seem to forget that RV’s are not cars and find out the hard way just how difficult RV detailing is. You need a complete different set of tools and cleansing products when it comes to RV’s. RV’s Have many different types of surfaces ranging from granite and marble on the inside to aluminum and chrome on the outside. Black Diamond Mobile RV Detailing Corona understands this better than anyone. Our service vehicles come equipped with all of the different chemicals that are required to keep your interior and exterior clean sharp and ready for your next cross country trek. We have tons experience detailing recreational vehicles. We have several customers that entrust us with their 5th wheelers and tour buses on a monthly basis. Detailing your RV is important but equally important is where you store your RV. Do yourself a huge favor and park your RV in a covered area. We have chemicals that will block out the block out the UV rays and protect your clear coat and paint but nothing is better than keeping your RV out of the sun to keep your car free from sun damage. We offer discounts for those seeking great RV Detailing fleet service at affordable rates.


Our Detailing Services Include


Exterior Washing :

Black Diamond Mobile RV Detailing Corona’s exteriors washing services are great for those in between detailing and waxing. We recommend this as a monthly service. When exterior washing we wash the entire car starting from the roof and working our way down. The entire RV will be hand washed by our staff. Any dirt, dust , bugs and grime from the road will completely removed. As part of our exterior wash we will clean the slide outs and gutters as well. The rims and tires will be cleaned and dressed and all of the brake dust will be removed as well. All of your RV’s Exterior windows will be cleaned and shined. We will clean the awnings as well if your RV has them built in. Once the exterior of your RV has been purged of all dust and dirt, we will apply wax and sealant. We apply wax and sealant to protect the exterior paint and gel coat of your. All wax and sealant is hand applied by Black Diamond Mobile RV Detailing Corona’s staff. Once all of the painted surfaces have been taken care of we then move to the rims, bumpers and mirrors and any type of metal surface that needs special chemicals or attention


Interior RV Detailing :

The interior of your RV is a living space and  need to be treated as such. We have seen some pretty nasty tour buses and been able to return them to their original conditions . Our interior RV detailing services include every square inch of the RV. We will clean and wipe down every surface including bathrooms, refrigerators and counter tops. We keep specific chemicals with us for RV’s that have granite counter tops and marble floors. When cleaning the interior we vacuum the entire interior including closets and shelves. After a few weeks on the road the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms need to be steamed cleaned as well as all of the fabric seats and carpets. Bathrooms are a crucial part of the detail as it left unattended or unkept many things like bacteria and germs can be left to germinate and create mold. Steam cleaning will remove many of those issues.  The cock pit area of your RV is wiped down and cleaned including the a/c system and electronic items. All leather surfaces will be disinfected and then cleaned and conditioned. All interior windows will be wiped down as well.


Deep Cleaning :

Regular maintenance of your RV is key. But like many of us Californians who barely have enough time already RV maintenance is sometimes the last thing on the list. We offer once a year deep cleaning services that will leave your RV immaculate. This type of cleaning is our favorite as we can show you what deep cleaning really means. During our annual deep cleanings our attention to detail shines through. Every square foot of your RV and trailer  is given the attention that is needed. Once we have cleaned both the interior and exterior of your RV all surfaces will have the desired finished glossy look. Our deep cleaning packages are a mix of all of our services and can really show what we can do. If you are not a regular customer you will be after one of our deep cleanings. Black Diamond Mobile RV Detailing Corona looks forward to providing you with top notch service for years to come.



lack Diamond Mobile RV Detailing Corona